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NatureHood is an initiative of Nature Canada (established 1939, Canada’s oldest national conservation organization), that strives to inspire people of all ages living in urban centres to connect with the nature that can often be found right in their own neighbourhood – nearby nature, or their Naturehood.

Nature Canada and its partners across Canada work to achieve this goal through innovative programming, celebratory events and stewardship activities that welcome and engage people of all ages. Local naturalist clubs are critical to the success of this initiative, for they have the expertise and abilities to engage directly with the public to promote greater awareness, appreciation and understanding of nature.

The Friends of Shoal Harbour Sanctuary Society (FOSH) is proud to be a partner with Nature Canada in this initiative, and works to highlight the rich and nearby nature of the Saanich Peninsula, and particularly, the importance of migratory bird sanctuaries and the biodiversity they protect.  Our close relationship with Nature Canada and the accompanying funding has greatly extended the reach of our small and nimble organization.

As a non-profit society, FOSH was founded to build public support for the continued protection of the Shoal Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary, which encompasses several of the bays and inlets just north of Sidney, and to promote public awareness and appreciation through celebratory