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Mermaid Creek Estuary Salt Marsh Restoration Project Needs Your Support Now!

Please take the time to let the Ministry of Water, Lands & Resource Stewardship know by February 5th if you want this project to get the required license to temporarily use the shore while the work is being done. 
Consistent with the Roberts Bay Residents Steering Committee Vision Statement at the end of all our emails, we have worked since 2017 to communicate with neighbours “to build a future in which our community lives in harmony with the living wonders of Roberts Bay and where the natural beauty and functionality of the ecosystems … are preserved and enhanced to ensure that this very special place remains a safe refuge for wildlife and a source of inspiration for its present and future residents and visitors.” We have strongly supported the multi-year research and restoration activities that began before 2021.
This Salt Marsh Restoration Project application, with its $500,000 funding, is the result of all the work and study in previous years and a critical step to safeguard that healthy future for the birds, animals and human community that relies on Roberts Bay. This opportunity will not come again. 
In a nutshell, the highly productive Mermaid Creek estuary salt marsh is eroding rapidly. The project is a nature-based solution that will restore the estuary to its historic size, expand the current threatened habitat for birds and spawning forage fish and improve the beach, kayak launch and walking path.
We urge everyone who cares about the future of Roberts Bay to contribute your comments.
We recognize that some waterfront property owners object to any work being done in front of their property and will submit opposing comments. We respect their perspective but we believe that both sides of this question must be heard.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at
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